The Ultimate 7-Day Meal Plan For Ulcerative Colitis

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I created this 7 day meal plan for ulcerative colitis because I know that maintaining a healthy diet is where most people struggle – no matter what their health condition is.

But for people like you and me with an inflammatory bowel disorder, diet is even more tricky because our guts and sore and damaged, and certain foods can make the situation worse.

This 87-page ebook contains 33 delicious recipes that are nourishing and anti-inflammatory.

But this ebook is so much more than that.

Not Just An Average Meal Planner Or Recipe Book…

  • In Part One, ‘The Nutritional Foundations’, I share five key eating principles which will help reduce inflammation in your gut and improve overall digestive health.
  • In Part Two, ‘Keeping It Simple’, I lay out a simplified approach which will help you maintain this healthy way of eating…even if you’ve struggled with bad eating habits in the past.
  • In Part Three, ‘Weekly Eating Routine’, I share with you an example of my weekly meal planner, and a blank copy of your weekly planner.
  • In Part Four, ‘The Recipes’, you will find 33 ridiculously tasty recipes for main meals, super smoothies, and healthy snacks. * (And they’re easy to make…trust me, I’m no Masterchef!)
  • In Part Five, ‘Final Words’, we wrap up with some key lessons that I’ve learned over the past few years of successfully reversing my ulcerative colitis symptoms.

I Genuinely Care…

You will also receive an editable PDF version of the meal planner, which you can save to your phone/laptop and plan your meals for the week ahead.

Alternatively, you can print this out and handwrite your ideas into the meal planner document.

And I genuinely care because I know how bad ulcerative colitis can get during flare-ups.

I want you to get the best from this ebook.

That’s why I also invite book buyers to email me with any questions they may have about the recipes, dietary approach, or anything in the ebook at all.

So, why wait? By clicking to buy your copy today, you’ll receive this meal planner delivered to your email inbox within seconds.

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You'll get a 90-page meal planner with 33 delicious recipes in a PDF file.

Part One - The Nutritional Foundations
Part Two - Simplified Dietary Approach
Part Three - Editable Weekly Meal Planner
Part Four - 33 Nourishing & Anti-inflammatory Recipes
Part Five - Final Key Lessons For Reversing Ulcerative Colitis Symptoms
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The Ultimate 7-Day Meal Plan For Ulcerative Colitis

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